Charlie O'Reilly,
Owner and Tent Master

Charlie has worked in the party tent and event rental business for over 25 years. He has set up tents for festivals, weddings, concerts, graduations, backyard BBQ's, Olympics, Presidential parties, Super Bowls, and multi-millionaire weddings, as well as building 2-story tents and a tent on top of a sports stadium on the catwalk. He has worked for or with the most reputable companies in Denver.


In addition to our custom flower walls and tent rentals, we offer the following services: Temporary or permanent structures * Site inspection of event location * Acquiring of permits when applicable * Scheduling of appointments with proper utilities prior to staking in ground * Scheduling of water truck if necessary for tie-downs when no staking is allowed * Handling of any and all power requirements and lighting * Recommendation of caterers, decorators, etc... * Obtaining the most reasonable quotes for work being done by other vendors


Below are photos of a few of our
projects (click on images to enlarge).

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